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Septic system inspections are routine 9 out of 10 times and typically ends at the price you were quoted. However, it should be noted that in some circumstances beyond our control, inspections may have increased costs, be inconclusive or we may not be able to complete the inspection process.  Circumstances are subject but not limited to:


  • EXCESSIVE DIGGING Dependent on the soil type (clay,rock or compacted ground)and depth of the septic tank or distribution box, hand digging may be considered excessive and the inspector may suggest rescheduling and bring back the necessary machinery.

  • VACANT HOMES Dependent on how long a home has been vacant, occasionally results can be inconclusive. This could be due to the drainage system sitting idle through an extensive “drying out” period. Even though a home sits vacant, don’t hesitate to inspect as we are still able to get a feel of how well the system had been functioning prior to vacancy, and major deficiencies are able to be detected.  Be aware that older homes with 2-piece style concrete septic tanks tend to have slow leaks at the joint seam, and those leaks are generally detected during the inspection process on a vacant home.

  • WINTER TIME INSPECTIONS. As referenced above, inability to dig through excess frost may require jackhammering and/or equipment to access the frozen ground.  The technician will give an estimate at the time, on additional fees . NOTE: It is imperative during winter, that driveways are clear of snow and ice for truck access. 

  • NO RUNNING WATER. At the inspector’s discretion he may suggest a water flow test . If running water is not available, inspection results may be inaccurate. If deemed necessary,  we do have the capability to haul in water.

  • CANCELLATION POLICY. 24 hour notice is required for a cancellation of an inspection appointment. A 50% charge will be imposed for cancellations/shows within less than 24 hours .


24-hour notice is required for a cancellation of an inspection appointment. A 50% charge will be imposed for cancellations/no shows within less than 24 hours .

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